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La Xiaomi Yunmai est une powerball, un produit Physio-design et anti stress qui va vous rendre fou!
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Mechanical power
Mechanical power without the power source, the rotation of the wrist interacts with the internal rotation of the ball, and the centrifugal force generated maintains the high speed of the ball.
Built-in automatic elastic device
The built-in automatic elastic device, it can be easily started with push and release, can control the intensity, increase the fun, and experience the impact with the variable speed lantern.
● Zinc alloy plating core to feel soft and comfortable
● Effectively relieves wrist pain and prevents the mouse hand when tired
● Polycarbonate and zinc alloy materials
● Suitable for exercising the muscles of the entire arm, helping relieve muscle soreness and straining on the wrists and arms

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Xiaomi Yunmai powerball, Physio-design et anti stress, JT du Geek par GLG
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